Welcome to the Apple ecosystem

There has been a long wait since I first considered to move to Apple ecosystem. Since I can no longer play serious games and needed to refresh my phone which was causing so much trouble on its third year, also adding the fact that I needed a personal device to run infosec training stuff, with the help of my family and friends I fully transitioned to Apple ecosystem. Questionably wise, also not cheap.

The first thing was that I was considering renew my phone, Samsung GS9+, since it was causing troubles and it is too large to handle. I needed a Xperia Compact level product. Unfortunately, only Apple manufactures such device under the iPhone brand, 12 mini. Got a blue iPhone 12 mini with the largest storage option.

MacBook Pro with M1 does a fine work for daily affairs and has serious battery life. Unfortunately not everything runs native on Apple Silicon. For comparison, MBP2020M1 exports faster FHD HEVC compared to a Vega64 + R9 5950X. Built-in accelerators does wonders to speed things up.

For wireless communication I bought a pair of AirPods Pro. They do nice noise cancelling and provide acceptable sound quality both while listening and on the call.

The last one is a useless toy: Apple Watch. A toy that is expensive. Funny that it tracks many things but too big, battery life is too short. An expensive and good-looking toy, nevertheless.

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