Üşensu the lazy snail in the wall pot 🐌

At office we have some small wall pots for various flowers and plants, we leave them mostly unattended. On one of them lives the laziest of snails which I love to call Üşensu (roughly translates as Lady Indolent). I know they do not have definitive sexes, but that came into mind once day, and stayed. 🐌

For the last month I guess, it lives on that pot at the entrance to the office. Wanders around within the pot, sticks to a side one day and stays on the soil for another.

snail wall pot üşensu lady indolent
10th of November (latest)
snail wall pot üşensu lady indolent
26th of October
snail wall pot üşensu lady indolent
30th of October

Update: After I poured some water on it in hopes for a meeting vis-a-vis, Üşensu instead used that mouisture I provided to cocoon itself completely to prepare for upcoming cold days.

üşensu cocooned itself
13th of November


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