Trying to balance my metabolism

As I applied for a surgery to get my stomach shrunk, the process has consumed and still consuming months to get real. Problem is that the process is too slow and as public hospital costs you nearly zero liras, demand is too much. Also I am not that into a such invasive surgery.

A friend of mine has covered a dietary program called Metabolic Balance on a blog that she writes. She also talked to doctors about my condition (DM2, obesity, renal issues…) and asked if they can help me. Dr. Altay Öktem (who also happens to b a novelist) took “my case”. After blood tests Metabolic Balance centre issued me a dietary program. The problem is, after two days of detox, I began eating quite less then usual.


metabolic balance logo png

Here’s a list what I eat on a day on at least fire hours of break. 50 gr Wasa rye (Wasa Delikatess) applies to all meals. It was, in fact, 50 grams of pure rye bread but it is not that easy to find that. Wasa Delikatess is made of only rye and salt so that’s a healthy and also a fitting choice. Also I can only drink coffee and tea during 1 hour window and only a single cup! This is the hardest part I guess.

Morning: 90 gr goat cheese, 115 gr pepper or green salad, 50 gr of Wasa (5-6 slices)
Noon: 100 gr chickpea (200 gr boiled), 160 gr salad etc, 1 apple
Evening: 170 gr chicken (breast), 170 gr salad

wasa delikatess wasabröd rye bread thin knäckebröd
Wasa Delikatess: My savoury saviour. Far better than bread but a little bit pricey: ₺8.50 for a pack of 30 slices, 9 gr each.

Seems like it is not much but also not too less; but through the day I can hear my stomach growl. In the mornings, I am fine and I do not feel hunger. I am still trying hard to adapt myself to the “time window for coffee” stuff. Coffee is my only luxury and also sates the hunger well. The progress so far is quite nice: I lost 4-6 kilos just in 5 days, which two were detox days. On the eleventh day I am going to visit my doctor to see results. I am a little bit sleepy but it is manageable.

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