The cheaper option

I have had some tech investment plans, but I wanted to postpone them a little bit more. So I ordered a quite cheap notebook just to write stuff.

As I wrote before I wish to invest on a MacBook Pro but decided to wait for the refresh even though they’ll be released with updated prices. There is a little gap between Turkey and U.S.A. price nowadays and that is quite unusual. That will be fixed but it is worth to have 8th generation Intel U processor rather than get a 7th generation with a discount price due to exchange gap.

But, I am in urgent need of a writing machine with a proper operating system, accessible file system, acceptable price and with an ease to carry around.

Cheap but… I guess it works!

From the friends that still employed on IT press I saw that they launch i-Life brand of laptops in Turkey. After a little sifting through specs and prices I ordered Zed Air 3 model. I expect that to arrive by evening. Yeah, quite cheap but it will do better than my iPad Air 2 in most aspects.

In my worst case scenario, I would install Ubuntu 18.04 on the machine and run that as a GNU/Linux box. It would perform well enough. Even though I do not expect more to be run on out-of-box Windows 10 other than MS Office, Photoshop and a few basic stuff to aid my writing and editing processes.

32GB eMMC storage would be sufficient but I might be able to upgrade that with the materials that I already have in hand. I’ll see that soon.

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