Testing Gutenberg

I am posting this entry to test Gutenberg, new text editor of WordPress. While I do not require an advanced, multi media oriented, fast-paced fancy editor, It would be counterintuitive to just add another plug-in to revert back to classic editor. So am whiting this piece at the same time I discover Gutenberg and its features.

Now, how to add a read more break? I cannot find that adround. So I trust Gutenberg and WordPress to treat first block to be displayed on the main page, and the rest on the actual content page. (it did not by the way)

This new editor treats every <p> (enter) as a block (which makes sense, especially for non-technical users) and a <br> (shift+enter ) is functioning as before; breaking the line and taking you to one line lower.

Block transformation is something that enables one-click preformatting of each <p> (block). To show this visually, I am now trying to add an image.

Hmm, easier. You create a new block from the left-top of the editing area and create an image block, then drag an image to the box. Okay, this is usable but where is my read more break? Okay, found that. It was one click away in the old editor now it resides in the same menu as a layout element.

Okay WordPress, I can use your Gutenberg now. Thank you for your efforts on making this kind of basic stuff even easier to manage.

Update on 5th of January: I got rid of Gutenberg, replacing it with previous default editor just before my new post.

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