Terrain! Pull up!

It all began when I lost my job back at 2015. I was fed up with meaningless maelstrom of shit brought up by my then boss and wandered around with some freelance jobs. I also picked up another hobby: Civil Aviation.

If you were not formally trained in aviation as a pilot, an investigator or an air traffic controller you generally pick the hobby while watching air crash investigations. If you have a keen mind on the stuff you begin make sense of new developments, let it either be an economic or strategic development or another aviation situation. You read and learn so much that, as in any hobby, you begin drawing parallels in other aspects of life with aviation.

On the brink of suffering

As my previous blog post tells, Republic of Turkey as we know her, is losing everything she has gained since our last grand Revolution which ignited by the annexation of Turkish land by European invaders according to Ottoman-signed Treaty of Serves and lead to Turkish War Independence, Establishment of Turkish Grand National Assembly, Declaration of Republic, and finally winning the wars and drive the invaders back to their holes and force them to sign the Treaty of Lausanne on our terms mostly. Not no mention paying all the debts of Ottoman Empire within the first years of the new state and educating, developing a suffering nation under the greatest Turkish leader.

Back to present day. There is a huge economic crisis and statesmen are obviously over their heads. Still reckless, still mindless. I define this with an aviation term: Controlled flight into terrain. The crew believes that they are aware of everything until they hear the that robotic warning sound. Terrain! Terrain! Pull up!

Where did that mountain come from suddenly? Of course it was there all the time. Let it be either flight instruments or human error, mountain was there all along. You and only you did not consider the possibility of a mountain to be there even if all the crew before you told you about it through experience, charted the area, and gave you all the empirical information that they can provide. You supposed to know, you fly this airplane and there is no wit in accusing the mountain.

This is our flight into terrain with a persistent illusion of control. Without situational awareness even the true control is not good enough to survive.

Terrain! Terrain! Pull up!

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