Rising Tensions, Sinking Hope

There is a famous Eksi Sözlük topic named Türkiye’den siktir olup gitmek with over 15.000 entries, which can roughly be translated as “To Fuck Off and Leave Turkey”. Okay, that is too rough of a translation for my standards, due to cultural differences it is very hard to provide the same sense as it does in Turkish. It literally means leaving with probably burning bridges and cursing the situation with an angry and fed-up attitude. Under the topic many contributors either tell their leaving story, how are they doing at the moment and some others try to play it with nationalism card and criticise the well educated people not fighting back the odds and stay in the country at any costs. Some nationalist idiots go as far as branding the leaving bunch as traitors (that is not the stupidest thing written, to be honest).

Note: There is an approximate Turkish translation of this article. // Bu yazının yaklaşık bir Türkçe çevisi şuradan okunabilir.

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