Six months at AMD

Working at your love mark is a kind of privilege that most people do not and possibly will not have. After spending fifteen years in tech press an opportunity knocked the door and I jumped in.

I am not a marketing guy; maybe I should say, I was not. Most of the marketing activities nowadays involve utter bullshit and obvious lies oft hidden within the half-truths. When reporting an Instagram ad possible issues include It’s scam or misleading; that is the idea of marketing these days. I am in a relief that I work in a company that does not have to, and chooses not to lie to sell high-end technological components. Beside all of these, AMD stands for open standards and royalty-free technologies to ensure standardization through industry to provide seamless interoperability and a level playing field for all parts of the business. Last few sentences might be taken as a PR texts from the company but I know the tech landscape very well and these were my thoughts even before joining AMD.

What our office does?

Cutting the sentiment let me focus on what I do. AMD has regional offices around the world. 39 offices in 23 countries to be exact. One of the countries is Turkey and office is in Istanbul. Turkey is not only a country in AMD’s EMEA operation is also a subregion by itself. The office is a liaison office of AMD Sales and Service Limited. So, we have no commercial presence here; not through the office but through our local distributers Endeks and Koyuncu. We manage the market affairs on behalf of AMD. We have one sales person for component, one marketing who deals both with component and consumer (me), and one person for consumer business development.

Component sales manage all graphic cards and processor business in the market; deals with resellers, r/e-tailers, and system integrators. Also manages the graphics and motherboard market with AIBs like Asus, MSI or Gigabyte. Consumer is related to Ryzen-bearing laptops of all kinds and deals with multinational companies like Lenovo, Dell, Acer, HP, and so on.

What I do exactly?

My job includes managing and reporting all marketing relations of AMD, either solo or project that are done in conjunction with motherboard and graphics card AIBs, consumer multinationals, makers of other component (like chassis, memory, storage; you get the idea), and also combining these multi-company efforts through system integrators and r/e-tails. Even writing them down exhausts me. But there is more to this.

At the beginning of my days at AMD, our office was given responsibility of Italian component sales. At my forty-second day at AMD, I was also given the responsibility of Italian marketing affairs related to component sales. Yeah, I do most of the above for Italy too. Of course I do not speak Italian and that causes a little bit of a language barrier and I do not know about local trends and did not have the chance to see them happening, I somewhat manage to take care of them. My responsibility for Italy excludes consumer parts; that would have been a totally different study. I guess I should be doing more research on Italian market. We’ll see how this would affect my journey at AMD.


I really like the Ryzen brand. Being a young-adult novel adaptation, which was only visually rich, Hunger Games gave us a nice song by Lorde. I myself being a former iaidoka who wishes to return after recovering health, I am familiar of the concepts of zen through swordplay I adore the Ryzen logo. I combined two in an unofficial concept as a wallpaper. I will not share the full resolution; it is just for my personal use but please see it below.

AMD Zen Logo Hunger Games Lorde Yellow Flicker Beat Red Orange Yellow Flicker Beat Sparking Up My Heart

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