Plunging into new experiences – Part 2

Recently I have received a formal job offer and Artistanbul was kind to let me leave before my official notice period. I am going to miss the team.

I love open communication and honesty. Since beginning of summer, after being sent from Hardware Plus, I have been conducting relations with some possible job offers. I always let the other parties whom I am talking with and how am I going to play along. After losing all of the options but one and began a temporary assignment at Artistanbul, I kept in contact with my now-employer tech company. I frequently updated the both sides about the situation. Both sides knew it was a temporary job in a project which was due to end at end of summer (but it did not anyways) and at the final days I urged people that “an offer might require me to leave as soon as the end of September”.  They honoured the decision and let me go for a nice position in a multi-billion dollar company’s local operations. I owe them.

I am going the miss the team, the harsh trolling boss and manager, overqualified workforce with a diverse background. See you Monday.

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