Medical checks and latest updates

I have not got many health issues but diabetes and related stuff are the ones which affect my life the most. At least through the last year of my life. I’ve been visiting hospitals (mainly İstanbul Okmeydanı Training and Research Hospital) for medical checks regarding issues related to an infectious wound in my right foot which was grown beyond a simple one because of diabetes.

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Hey there,

I’ve renewed my website so that I can write stuff in a more organised way whenever I want. It took like a few hours, mostly on deciding what theme to pick and arranging the SSL certificate. Now I am with this non-fancy theme but I am open to suggestions. I liked the one at now-defunct but that’s a quite old theme and does not support smaller screens. Well, that’s right I desire to use a simple theme on this site.

Anything that I wish to tell about would probably appear on these pages. I’ve written an “about me” page that also includes some contact information.

Please feel free to check back soon to see more stuff. Meanwhile, I’d love hear some feedback in general.

Thanks a lot, I’ll be back with more.