Ordo Hereticus Requests Termination – Heresy Stamp Vector Graphic

I drew over the Ordo Hereticus Requests Termination – HERESY icon for manufacturing a real stamp. Please find the vector graphic here for circular stamp.I do not know much about Warhammer universe but I know about Ordo Hereticus and their will to eradicate all heresy on earth, and other places. So I created a seal which is very close to ones you can find on the internet, but it is pure vector graphic that you can print or craft stuff at any size.









It is a 40mm diametre stamp with obviously red ink to be in inquisitive spirits. See the live stamping video here (I do not embed anything external due to my self-imposed privacy restrictions).

Download Heresy – Ordo Hereticus Requests Termination stamp vector file here.









Happy purging!

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