One day at Cappadocia

Mid September this year, I was invited by photo division of Sony Eurasia to test the new products (the mighty A9), and getting our first hands-on on tiny newcomer RX0. It was a short trip and took exactly one and a half day. We had a trekking which was on a quite inappropriate time of day (noon, to be exact) and a sunrise balloon trip.I was travelling with a ZenFone 4 ZE554KL (prior to my review on HWP) and used it to take many wide angle shots. After that, Alpha there are some Sony Alpha 9 shots. Strictly no editing or cropping.

ZenFone 4 ZE554KL

Interior wide angle shot at the restaurant.
Interior wide angle shot at the restaurant.
Panoramic interior shot in the restaurant.
Wide angle shot of the cave hotel. My room was directly ahead, on the upstairs. HDR mode auto.
Wide angle HDR trial.
Wide angle HDR trial with sky.
Returning to İstanbul: Non-HDR shot at Kayseri airport.

Sony Alpha 9

Caves: An Auto-HDR Trial
After the ride
Descent into the Cappadocia under hard light.
Rising along with Venusç
Firing up!
Venus rising before the balloons.




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