Nine days of blood and thunder

Living in a Muslim majority country has only one benefit: Religious holidays that sometimes extend to nine days.

Republic of Turkey is unfortunately a semi-secular country. Everything is seemingly run by laws of men but social life is mostly influenced by a religion which is believed to be Islam but actually a combination of shamanism, tengriism, Sumerian and Abrahamic religions, which last two are building blocks of patchwork carpet called Islam.

Anyways, Islamic holidays are national holidays; it means vacation, yes. In Turkish we call it Bayram, but it implies a meaning of holiday in which you celebrate stuff. We have national bayrams (Declaration of Republic being the most important one, commemorating the founding of Republic of Turkey, celebrated on 29th of October) and two religious bayrams, Ramadan and Sacrifice (Kurban Bayramı). Yeah, now we are in the eve of the second one, the Sacrifice and the title was partly literal.

I am honest and blunt on this stuff: I find religion useless piece of junk which death fearing people stick to and take too seriously. Pure nonsense but it somewhat works for them. But not for me. It is okay to have one unless you cry it out everywhere, especially five times a day even the believers tend to ignore it.

The “thunder” part

Battle for Azeroth is online and this time I am catching up with the expansion. I have played World of Warcraft over the years and the last six years I am with the Rage-Driven Pacifists, a Horde guild on one of the first servers Emerald Dream. I was main tank on Cataclysm and I wish to return those days. I am completing whole zone quests and dailies to keep up with the achievement that would grant flying in the new zones.

I hit the level cap lately and now going on to completing time consuming quest chains and unlocking achievements. By the way, have you met my most fitting alter ego? Now you did.

For the Horde!

But not Sylvanas’ Horde; I am with Saurfang. “Honour”, he would say, “no matter how dire the battle, never forsake it”.

Make sure you know the difference between loyalty and honour.
And pray you never have to choose. 

Until next time, strength and honour.

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