My life, my own embodiment of fail

It is not a habit but a factual acceptance that I see my life as completely failed and ruined, mostly by myself. There’s is a little hope for me. Here I present you an instinctual proof of that.

While I was having a little chat with a friend, he sent me a motivational-style image. So the chat goes on like this.

Friend: (sends image)
Me: Haha, overwhelmingly true!
Friend: Where do you see yourself?
Me: Watching from behind the bike.

my life my fail

This is the original screenshot of the event, in Turkish. I still keep it as a countermeasure for fake motivations that may invade my mind. I am yet to find a truer motivation for life, for everything; for anything.


One comment on “My life, my own embodiment of fail”

  • Berkin, most people just ride the bike and do not make plans. The ones that make plans as shown are untalented people with status. I know you are one of the few to be able to draw the necessary plan just by looking behind. However, life is advantageous to the ones that take action, so generally planners are ex-bikers that will ruin many other lives of other bikers.

    What you experience is not a complete failure, probably a dive to the deep to jump higher. Do not hold your breath any longer, my friend. 🙂


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