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I have not got many health issues but diabetes and related stuff are the ones which affect my life the most. At least through the last year of my life. I’ve been visiting hospitals (mainly İstanbul Okmeydanı Training and Research Hospital) for medical checks regarding issues related to an infectious wound in my right foot which was grown beyond a simple one because of diabetes.

Long story short, I had a little sore finger (tiny one on the right foot) which became infected seriously despite my attempts to prevent the issue. Just before my trip to United States and Colombia for my brother’s engagement, my right foot was bloated with oedema but was still functioning properly.

Chaos in Colombia

After my first flight to the States, my foot was a greater source of pain and fever. I was shivering every day. After I landed in Bogotá, Colombia a week later I was taken to the hospital immediately. I was taken care of and my two fingers were removed, along with most of the oedema and a large necrotic skin tissue.

University of La Sabana Medical School Hospital doctors told that everything required urgently has been done and I may travel to Turkey to continue further treatment. They simply did not want us to pay a private hospital if we had social security covering the medical care in Turkey (yes; I had and still have that).

Ongoing medical checks

After returning İstanbul first I went to an orthopaedist who offered to cut of some part of my foot to get a clear tissue for covering up the wound. Which was acceptable for a orthopaedist’s point of view but not for me. (I wished to walk with my own foot as long as it could support me, obviously). Then we learned that orthopaedists generally had that “cut it off and use a prosthetic support” view, which is less painful for everybody. But I am too young to lose an extremity, aren’t I?

We began investigating the situation and immediately came up with plastic surgery division who sent me to infection specialists. They had me take 8 grams of antibiotics through vein for 23 days. After that, when nearly all the infection in the blood vanished. Plastic surgeons took me in for nearly a month and made a skin graft on the place of missing skin tissue, which by that time nearly covered itself up more than half of the original wound. It went all well and after 28 days of stay I was free to go home and return active work.

Still healing

I know, even the short version is too long. Now it has been more than five months after my skin graft I visit doctors for irregular checks. Now they decided that I do not have to cover the wound with pure antiseptic creams, it is now okay to leave it open. Time would do the rest. But I had bone infection, osteomyelitis is the medical name, on metatarsal bones 3, 4, and 5. Today I had scintigraphy to see what was going on. Seems like I still have a little bit osteomyelitis remaining, but it is not much. Latest MRI scan also showed some signs of bone marrow oedema; which also falls in line with bone scintigraphy result. I have to deal with it in the upcoming days and after more medical checks. Time will tell what am I going to do.

No, I won’t post a picture of the remaining wound. Missing digits would disturb the audience more than it should. I can walk properly for the last five or six months. If I walk long periods of time I still feel some aching, which is expected due to oedema or infection. Also missing digits (distal bones) create more pressure on the metatarsal bones. That would be another issue to trigger the aches. I am going to update this post after I talk to my doctors in the plastic surgery.


Update (2017.02.25) Okay, on the left side, a picture of my right leg and foot just two days prior to my discharge from plastic surgery (2016.07.09).  You see, not much oedema is remaining. Not this is even better. On the right side, me running away 🙂 from the hospital on my own feet (2016.07.11).

my right foot and leg after surgeryme discharged from plastic surgery okmeydanı research and training hospital okmeydanı eğitim ve araştırma hastanesi


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