Looking for a new path

Times change. Not this way but they do. Stuff that makes you feel alive loses its appeal through many reasons. Becomes unending boring shifts of voluntary torture. Whereas which does not kill you makes you stronger, also whatever does not make you advance in any direction cripples your mind.

So, how to advance?

Creating stuff is what I do. I perform in front of camera, write behind a desk and repeat this to earn my pay. It has some benefits: I get to use the most of the tech stuff before most of the non-privileged people. I play with stuff to talk or write about them, share my sincere opinions (whereas many people are paid to shut up about their sincere opinions). I have my freedom to like, dislike and publicly shame what companies bring on the table and what people brag it they deserve that. It was not like this before when I was working at a former company. Many deals are struck to keep our mouths shut.

programming coding

I am not promethean hero of consumer enlightment, also not a shitmonger of capitalism, voice of unreasonably fantastic ways of company speak. There many who do that kind of shameless shitmongering.

Long story short

I am not only a tech journalist but also an IT guy who also did some frontend and backend coding. Even though I am not a hardcore coder, I do like its ways of working. As an IT guy, I did many things from virtualisation to 40+ client network/AD management along with my good share of devops. Managed web servers, databases; went through many security evaluations; brought my network from a complete mess to virtually bulletproof status. They were all fun, then I returned to tech journalism again. It was long before I regretted that decision and became jobless/freelancing for two months, and returned to where I am now after total of five months. I am fine here but I have my reasons to move on.

I am exhausted — Both mentally and physically. We are only two doing the whole work. My partner is an awesome guy who shares most of my hobbies and goes beyond that. But we are exhausted and we have reasons to feel that way. It is around eight months we go duo on a 100 page magazine plus the whole online broadcasts and stuff.

No cream left for me — Although this job has privileges of its own kind, my company is overlooked by most of the tech companies for invitations to international events. I am not a guy goes to events to drink and eat on some company’s PR budget or seek access to prostitution as some of the members of the press does all the time. It gives a flavour to the business, enhances your networking with companies, provides direct access to information on many occasions through contacts. Those little breaks also keeps you refreshed even they are not vacations. Companies make their selection based on raw reach numbers and your tendency to mindlessly applaud their stuff.

My country’s future is in blight — So I wish to virtualise my work environment: It would be better to have a job which can provide flexibility  on where I work. Years before, I was looking for a job which would set me free from boundaries of office; now I am looking for something that would set me free from the boundaries of any country. See that either as a escape route or a way to travel around the world, in the end virtualisation is a better utilisation of resources, whatever they are.

I am bored in the way I work — Too much frivolity would go around even only two people are doing the creative work. Then this feeds the first reason. I am not saying that our efforts are not appreciated, but sometimes bosses do their boss thing and that annoys you a little bit, then some other member of the team from the lesser cast shows signs of passive aggressive behaviour. Then things get ugly while I try to balance stuff. Too much commanders, too less soldiers to fight.

What would be next?

I am looking to develop some skills on programming languages. If I would be able to invest on a MacBook Something my final destination in a foreseeable future would be developing stuff with Swift. But that out of my financial capabilities in the near future I am planning on doing some stuff on mobile/web (nodeJS, Angular, Sencha etc.) and working on some scripting languages (Python maybe).

I would also feel a little bit more intelligent if I do this kind of stuff. Also, by the way, I may again re-initiate my way through penetration testing and security stuff.

Who knows from whence the winter comes? Let’s be better prepared for what may come.

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