Let the applications begin!

Let me start this piece with a Shakespearean intro, an excerpt from Macbeth which was rewritten to express the situation in a dramatic way.

“I am settled, and bend up each corporal agent to this hopeful feat. Away, and mock the time with ugliest show. True face must tell what the painful heart doth know.”

In Shakespeare’s Macbeth, he has a talk with his wife and convinces himself to kill King Duncan to assume the title of King in an unknown fashion as foretold by witches. After talking to his wife, he utters these words: “I am settled, and bend up each corporal agent to this terrible feat. Away, and mock the time with fairest show. False face must hide what the false heart doth know.” He has decided to kill the King, which is that terrible feat and should hide this treacherous act. A false face must be wearing sly smiles while the terrible act must take its course to a terrible end.

My situation is a little different. My piece involves an escape from unfriendly home country now ruled by Islamists whom elected by witless, short-sighted and uneducated people to provide with them more and more panem et circenses except the panem part (but they love the show I guess; a man shouting from balcony, calling the half of the population terrorists all the time and apologising behind the scenes while shouting aloud in public as fas as foreign relations go). As a voter for oppositions parties me and the roughly 50% of the population has been called as terrorists on countless occasions. After President had the slight majority win in the last elections many gunshots were fired for celebration. With this much violence potential I do not want to even guess what would have happened if we did not win. For the last ten years they have been rolling back all Ataturk’s revolutions which got Republic of Turkey on track with contemporary civilization at the beginning of 20th century after terribly failed Ottoman state. All the gains of a glorious Republic has been taken away from the people. Since also the education system is more and more diminished and an educated electorate is no longer possible, we are stuck with ever-devolving status. I am fed up with feeding the state with my taxes and state following its lousy agenda to integrate Turkey into Middle East bog.

My whole youth is wasted in this Islamist, anti-reformist, anti-social, nepotist scene so I wish to create a new life. I with to live in a society who chooses science over Middle Age speculations.

To that end, today, I began applying for jobs in Australia. I am seeking not only a job but a new life in which I did not want to fear for my life.

I know I can adapt.

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