Jobless and (almost) debtless

<Pollyanna mode> Getting fired from my job at the wake of a possible nationwide crisis has its upsides too. </Pollyanna mode> It really does; let me explain.

I do not like sugar coating stuff, not because I have diabetes but I am quite a realist guy whom regularly gets accused of pessimism. Back like twenty years, I was overly optimistic about the life, the Universe, and everything. So optimistic that Fuat, a friend from high school days, went further and called me “a three-legged Pollyanna” in the yearbook. I both guess and hope that it had nothing to do any visual references to any sight that I might have unwillingly and unintentionally provided back then.

If you have an honest employer they pay your compensation immediately and so you can pay for all the outstanding and future credit debts; which I also did. So while money borrowing is a fact that we always face, being debtless is sure a luxury in these days.

Heading for more debt

Of course when you have paid off anything left on the balance sheet it is time for more debt, which would be useful. If I can get a job soon (seems like I will get at least one from what is on the table now). I am willing to invest on a new computer since one of the two in my possession has a broken keyboard and the other one has a worn, dimmed screen. I have my excuses, you see? Don’t we all? I’ll opt for a new Macbook Pro I guess, before Apple matches the exchange rate for recently “a bit devalued” Turkish Lira.

Seems like when the debt cycle is broken, it finds its was to reinstate itself.

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