Hearthstone has a major Standard overhaul upcoming

My second favourite card game (the first one being a print one, Magic: the Gathering that is) Hearthstone is entering a new and seriously changing season. 2017 marks the Year of Mammoth which has some new kind of approach to the gameplay while staying within confines of the game’s basics.

The year 2016 marked the Year of Kraken, probably as a reference to the Old Gods, both in Warcraft and Cthulhu mythos. It followed the expected one adventure followed by an expansion. The Year of Mammoth is expected to bring three expansions with 130 cards each. That’s a huge card pool that is going to be added into Standard play. For adventurous souls out there, it is being planned that expansions also have some single player challenges for those whom wish to dive deeper into the story arc.

hearthstone year of mamoth 2017

You can read the recent blog post about upcoming changes here.

Hall of Fame or path to a glorious disenchant

If you are like me on playing solely Standard on Hearthstone, I both have a bad news and a good news. The bad news is the introduction of Hall of Fame. Some cards in Classic set that are too powerful for Standard play are going to be put into Hall of Fame. That means they cannot be used in Standard. It is quite like Magic’s Standard format bans during Urza block. Instead of a simple full dust refund in such nerfs, you are going to keep the cards and have the arcane dust refund. You would be able to disenchant your stuff afterwards.

The logic behind the Hall of Fame is to remove the auto-include cards which are proven to be extremely powerful to the point that they are restrictive in deck building. There are six announced cards; three neutral cards and one for each these classes: Warlock, mage, and rogue.

ragnaros the firelord hearthstone ice lance hearthstone sylvanas windrunner hearthstone power overwhelming hearthstone hearthstone azure drake hearthstone conceal

Consider these removals along with the rotation of Blackrock Mountain, The Grand Tournament, and League of Explorers out of standard play, we are going to see a major change in standard environment. Which is, in my opinion, is pretty nice.

A little hint on the expansions

There is a picture on the original blog post that shows 2017’s expansion rotation. I included that below. You can see a calendar mentioning of the new expansions along with some decorations.

hearthstone year of mamoth 2017 calendar

The first Hearthstone expansion has a wildlife and overabundant plant growth theme. I first think that would be related to some overgrown areas in Azeroth like Stranglethorn Vale (Gurubashi trolls maybe?) and Scholazar Basin. Maybe Un’Goro Crater… Who knows? A hunter theme would fit in perfectly.

The second one is obviously related to arcane magic; so I think that it would be about Dalaran, or another kind of wizardry.

A new hero: Maiev Shadowsong

A new Hwarthstone hero for Rogue class is on its way. Whenever you win 10 games in casual or ranked mode, Maiev would be your new hero face. That is as simple is this.

warden maiev shadowsong hero hearthstone

IP Notice: All pictures in this post are property of Blizzard.


Update: Blizzard confirmed that the next expansion is going to be Journey to Un’Goro. I fired three shots and scored one.

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