Health issues resurface

As my father dies eleven days after my first job, now I find out that I suffer from a properly terrible disease after eleven days of my dream job. All is fine, except all there it is.

Breathing problems, seemingly reflux-related vomiting, heavy and short coughs… All lead the way to the diagnosis of some blood flow problems and a big clot in my heart. We know not know where it comes from, only that it holds the power to create worlds and fill them with li… Sorry; only that if may jump somewhere ang clog some veins to cause further trouble.

I am in the hospital, in cardiology, and situation is being inspected. Probably doctors will not perform an angiography since my kidneys are not in perfect condition. Probably they will further look inside me (maybe an MRI or more woefully a chest tomography) and discharge with strict and frequent checks.

Waiting for it.


19th of October — Yesterday I was discharged from hospital with lots of medications and regular check requirements. I am fine at the moment. By this morning, compared to my weighteight days before, I lost more than fifteen kilograms, most of it is oedema I guess. But it is okay. I can walk at high speeds wihtout any problems. My blood sugar is regulated and down to normal levels also my blood pressure is within normal person’s limits. I am going to keep up with this strict diet and daily cycle. I need to lose another thirty.

27th of October — I am at -22 kilograms compared to my hospitalisation date. It is 1300 grams of oedema and fat per day. Going nice, going fit.

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