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Since the beginning of the month, I’ve been seeking a new job.  As you may have guessed, I have received a few job offers. Aside from a temporary, per work style extra, there were none journalism related offers. That is fine.

I am a man, or rather a grown up kid, who builds his life around his job. If you can build a little satisfaction AND enjoy the work at the same time I guess it is okay to do so as long as you do not get married to your job, title, or anything work related. I still do work to finance my hobbies. I am sure going to die that way since I have no intention to start something up as a family of my own. I can barely hold my responsibilities up for myself; I cannot think about permanent, full time engagements that take a great deal of dedication. I am no playboy, that is not what I imply: That is, I still am a grown up kid.

Trade offs / Jump ons

Business is always jumping on trains or trading off money for something else. Maybe for some ease of mind. Back to the topic, there are several offers that I would like the mention. Of course the severity of trade offs I would love to, at least theoritically, discuss. I am going with pseudonyms for companies/parties along with exaggerations and understatements for the sake of anonymity.

1 – Perfect people to work. Overly creative and funny geeks I know, from owner to each worker. Main job itself is boring to death along with a promising side job. I need to travel office and cross Bosphorus. Will not add anything careerwise. Pay grade is not that “entertaining” hence the job itself.

2 – Nice people to work. Creative guys and gals; whom  are mostly previous work acquaintances. One of the best in local sector companies. Two part job: One is doing some stuff, mostly for a customer that is  morally questionable (for me). Other is creating stuff that makes money and fame for company (a nice and satisfying challenge). I need to travel and cross Bosphorus. Will open a fine career path and sharpen my skill set on some occasions and add new skills along the way. Pay grade would be best, would even precede my previous position.

3 – Good guys (one I’ve known almost for a decade, the other well over four years) to work with; like-minded people. One of the personal love marks; global company with branches in every inhabited terra (Anywhere Starfleet expeditions would go, except where UN embargoes apply). I will not need to go office every day and also it is rather close. This job would grant be a great business title and open a nice career path to pursue. Pay grade may match my previous job; maybe a little lower or higher.

Which one should I pick?

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