Crisis and the lack of statesmen

Republic of Turkey, our sometimes overly proud nation is spiralling down in to an abyss of economic crisis, not anything we have seen before. 

Most of the time, whenever a politician dumps on their pants, I am reminded an Ottoman phrase: Kaht-ı rical. Literal translation is lack of statesmen, which brought one mighty Ottoman Empire to its knees. Cooperation of nepotism and requiring a fatwa from the religious head caused the fall along with lesser educated sultans and statesmen (mainly viziers) of the late dynasty.

I see this as nothing but a natural selection. Even though it was called an Empire, Ottomans generally lacked the (im)proper ways of imperialism. Simple conquests and taxation of the land could not match the power of industrial revolution mostly running on sources from colonisation.

Back to present day

Islamism in Turkey is direct descendant of Islam itself. Apart from its heavily sugar coated versions, Islam is based on trickery when you are at war (mostly means or interpreted as ‘when sharia does not exist’) you may use any kind of violence when you are able and peace whilst you are weak or tending wounds. People are nice enough to get rid of those parts with claims of “that is not real Islam” which is another obvious lie when your religion depends on tales with improper citations and ambiguous book which is only clear on its prophet’s sexual life and home visitors.

Anyways, so backers of this so called divine plea happen to be quite nepotist. So ranks of state is filled with son of some high-up in their ranks, daughter of somebody else has a good paying none doing advisory job somewhere. Then begins the deterioration of mechanisms of state. Meritocracy is up on the shelf, covering dust while incompetent (you cannot imagine the level of incompetency) has fun and makes some legal and illegal money through ludicrous amounts of wages and bribe.

Here comes a crisis…

I guess president’s son-in-law-became-minister-of-finance has nothing to do while his father-in-law challenges the rest of the world with tense nonsense. So, here comes a crisis that we cannot easily get over. We’ve built malls with money which we could have created value adding jobs and businesses.

Take Ireland and Greece for example: They joined the European Union around the same time (may be exactly the same time, I am not sure) and received the roughly same amount of financial aid from the EU. Greece built resorts and created touristic comfort while Ireland opted to be a technology headquarter in the European Union utilising the means of tax exemption and reduction on high value added businesses. Now they host many global company’s regional headquarters.

Here we fall. Many young of mid-aged people with useful skill sets sift through options to flee the country. We were the tax generators, we were the economically and intellectually able; but president repeatedly favoured the vote generators over us while crying out decrees that condemn us to be atheists, terrorists, traitors just because we are not fond of him or his organised crime disguised as a political party.

Your call, sir. It was always your call. We have options, you and your worshippers do not. I am expecting to laugh after them when they suffer the consequences. It was your call all along, now you and your worshippers pay the price.

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