Coronacci numbers and exponential spreading of COVID-19

Corona virus disease of 2019 is spreading quickly except the its homeland China, where the growth is already subdued. Now watching negligient Turkey and Ministry of Health’s numbers to see if they will put out a pattern like a Fibonacci series or more of an exponential growth. I named the sequence Coronacci Numbers.

I am pretty sure there is no place for jokes for people who are suffering from diseases, save the idiots still trying to gather in unnecessary places for unnecessary things in mega cities like Istanbul, disregarding all the warnings. Anyways we are curiously watch TV every mignight to see the official numbers on COVID-19 spread in Turkey, the time when minister makes the announcement. As I am noting down the numbers I just came up with that funny name and wanted to list them as such.

I gathered all the updates on total official number of COVID-19 cases in Turkey and added them back to back to create the series. I’ll update the numbers and dates.

Coronacci numbers (for Turkey)


Start: 11th of March, 2020
Latest update: 19th of March, 2020

Update: I gave up after unprecedented rise in infections numbers.

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