All fun and games until someone loses their job

This is not life what I now live. Health problems create multi-hit combos that cause severe troubles. Also now there are business side of things that delay.

As EMY Medya supported me through my health issues in 2016 now AMD family supports me in such way. Because of these good people who stand beside the one trying to revocer I can see a brighter future. I hope to return with my full performance soon.

I love you.


Welcome to the Apple ecosystem

There has been a long wait since I first considered to move to Apple ecosystem. Since I can no longer play serious games and needed to refresh my phone which was causing so much trouble on its third year, also adding the fact that I needed a personal device to run infosec training stuff, with the help of my family and friends I fully transitioned to Apple ecosystem. Questionably wise, also not cheap.

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