…and the voyage is forced upon me

Effective 1st of May, I am fired. I am no longer with EMY Medya or Hardware Plus. I am in pursuit of finding another job while waiting for  compensations are granted. (Updated on 4th of May, 2018)

Lately I was in search of something. Did not quite know about what is was, or what it even would be look like, I called the thing that I seek a voyage.

Now seems like financially challenged company sacks me to cut costs. I guess it would hurt sentimental people to be treated as a number on the payroll but all the things have been going sideways since September of 2017. So, this is it.

Along with me there are also four other people had their hobs terminated. A junior video editor, another senior editor from web and magazine, the projects coordinator along with another editor from realty magazine whom belonged to another team within the company. Given that we had like 15 people before, this cut means a 1/3 decimation of workforce.

A new chapter?

I do not think that anything dramatic would happen soon. Within 24 hours after I told an old friend about my situation, a job offer arrived. I do feel a little secure, that is for sure. But there is another thing; I am really fed up with commuting to work. I’d try for a arrangement that would not require me to do daily commutes. I am in need and in search for such an opportunity.

For now, just one thing is for certain: I am un employed and did not receive any compensations as yet of today. That would buy me a little time to decide with a clear mind.

Hoping for the best, preparing for the worst. Ready to take some punches along the way.

We’ll see how will that work out.

Updates (2018.05.04):

I get going with some coffee arrangements and interview-ish meetings It is almost certain that I shall not be taking a full time job on journalism. It is mainly because I see great conflicts of interest on how journalistic efforts are funded. Teknoseyir did a great job to launch Teknoseyir Plus to be funded directly by subscribers. I’ll write on that on my next post. But the point is they partly eliminated that conflict of interest.

I had some job offers on my plate and will be taking rounds of interviews next week. Thanks to my former bosses, they immediately paid their severance liabilities. So that grants me time to think clearly before any decisions. I’d love to freelance around serving whomever needs my services. But, we shall see hot that would work.

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