Am “I” GDPR compliant?

You’ll see every web site you have logged into and most of those you have forgotten that you have done so, sent you an e-mail with a warning.

When building this website I was considering not to include any trackers or whatsoever. I find quite immoral to use 3rd party tracking systems to get all the data from my visitors (there are not much though) in exchange of a few colourful charts.

My privacy statement page is quite simple and also short since there is nothing to tell about.

Your privacy matters. All of us needs that. So, there are no tracking codes, stealth services which may profile you in some way, or even a simple third party analytics. Server logs some stuff, which nobody sees anything but some IP addresses and timestamps that would hardly work for anyone by itself to predict who you are.

That is all! This website logs almost nothing other than basic access logs, and of course sessions cookies. There might be some remote loading scripts that may be running but I shall remove them also to give no way to allow third parties prey on my overly elite visitors.

Around same time GDPR also Turkish equivalent of the same law also came in effect in Turkey named KVKK, Kişisel Verileri Koruma Kanunu (lit. protection of personal data law) and we have both stormed by notifications in both languages.

That’s cute, isn’t it?

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