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Berkin Bozdoğan

Hello! I am Berkin Bozdoğan, a guy living in İstanbul, Türkiye. I work as an information technology and media professional.

This website is serving as my primary hub for communication except my work related appearances. For other things to say I have another web site with a likeness to this one; except it is Turkish and hosts some videos. Also I may still have some other writings on some former blogs but I do not have the tendency to update them in a regular fashion.

I am an IT professional by training and expertise, and have been working as an IT journalist for more than fourteen years (that almost makes up for all of my work life), with some tiny breaks in which I served as a guest contributor on some media outlets.

I have chosen English as this web site’s primary language but I might use some proper nouns with their original spelling, like İstanbul instead of Istanbul. This choice of language will not reflect on how I reply to my other communication channels; If you write a Turkish email, I’ll reply in Turkish. By using English here, I just wish that some more of the global population understands what I say.

I currently work at EMY Medya Limited and serve as the editor-in-chief of Hardware Plus monthly tech magazine and web site. I also volunteer in some non-profit organizations. I am seeking a job (preferably in Europe or Australia) at the moment while working in a temporary job. See this to see what has happened; then this for further information on what choices I have been offered. But my permanent job search is over for now. I am working for Advanced Micro Devices. You can see the updates here¹, here², and finally here³. I am in charge of marketing in Turkish and Italian markets.

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You’ll benefit from this web site best if you are able to view all of the following characters properly compared to image. They are Turkish specific characters with English ones combined.


Turkish alphabet combined with English spesific characters

I have no endorsements or financial ties with any of the parties mentioned in this web site except whenever it is noted.

Thank you.