A new desktop after six years

The last time I built a desktop computer was nearly six years ago. Five years and ten months to be precise. Now it is time that I build a new one with up-to-date components. I will net be flying too high though; an AMD Ryzen processor with a nice 1080p capable graphics card will do.

It was march of 2013 when I built my current computer. An AMD A10-5800K with built-in Radeon graphics, which was taken over soon by an AMD Radeon 7870. Also 8 gigabytes of RAM also were upgraded to 16 with that upgrade, within a week or two. Through time only upgrade was from a 120 GB SSD to 240, while keeping my 1 TB mechanical drive. After I upgraded to a 1 TB of SSD, I removed that spinning drive. I bought a Gigabyte UD4 motherboard which at first did not work properly with 4 banks of DDR3 1600 MHz RAMs with XMP on; but after a BIOS upgrade or two, they have been working excellently. Four months before, I bought an AMD Radeon RX 550 with 4 GB VRAM to replace high power HD 7870. To be honest they are on par in terms of performance, but RX 550 draws one fourth of the energy and of course, has no PCIe power pins.

New system loading

I have got a Ryzen 2700 and a RX 580 to begin with. I wish to keep my previous system intact so that I can give it to anyone wishes to use. It is still working without any hitch. I am planning on buying the cheapest available AMD X470 motherboard (that happens to be a Gigabyte model here in Turkey) and 8 GB x 2 set of G.SKILL CL14 3200 MHz DDR4 kit. I am thinking of buying a Samsung 1TB 870 Evo NVMe. Changing drive would require me a to buy Windows 10 so I am not sure about this. At least not immediately.

It is quite hard to find a chassis without a window but with proper dust filters. That is the challenge I face here. I am going either for a beginner level 2 x 120mm fan liquid cooling where fans also would act as exhaust fans, or a midrange tower cooler that might feed on chassis’ own air flow (hard to achieve without all copper 1kg Zalman heatsinks of fifteen years ago).

Let’s see how this will work out.

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