A change of seasons

Seasons change, life changes, careers shift. After forty years of age, I am going to try to change a lot of things in my life. Here is a brief.

I do not want to spend the rest of my life among spreadsheet software screens, that is for sure. I want to reduce the amount of human exposure in my life, that will increase the quality of life by allowing myself to move away from this shithole. Also, with age, it becomes harder to spread focus over a large network of people; so “Focus, Trinity, focus”.

Considering these two, I aim to change careers after 40. I already began training in the new area of expertise, which I have somewhat grasp of. Infosec is a particularly shining area with an impending need for lots of workforce globally.  I had some training before, now I am trying to add on top of that comparably basic qualifications. By the way, I do not expect it to be a hard shift from one job to another. I’ve got a lot of stuff to learn and practice while trying to make a living. Maybe infosec becomes my aggresive hobby? Maybe I wouldn’t have the time to live that life? Who knows?

Of course, nowadays I spent most of my days in hospitals and have problems with sitting in the front of a computer (literally) so the growth is stunted yet. Let’s see where time will take me.

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