20 years ago: Magic’s Mirage and Kitaro’s Agreement

I was pretty young back then. It has been 21 years since my first experience with Magic: The Gathering and 20 years since I first bought my Mirage starter pack. I was amazed by the arts and the story line; all the original characters like Rashida, Telim Tor, Teferi, Kaervek, Asmira, and places like Zhalfir, Femeref and Suq’ata. Whenever I pick my old Mirage (both as a set and as a cycle) also one specific piece of music rings in my ears: Kitaro’s Agreement. I am not sure why this song. But I guess it perfectly fits the theme of Mirage cycle; but I’d omit Weatherlight since the storyline takes a sharp turn, heading directly into Weatherlight saga in preparation for Rath cycle.

There’s also one flavour text that I memorised back then and never forgot. I have many flavour text memories through years but this was the first one. It’s Rashida Scalebane’s:

It is not by the blood of dragons that Rashida measure victories, but by the sum of children who no longer wake from nightmares of scales and fire.

That’s it. More than 20 years ago and I remember the good details of the expansion set and all those years. Considering my situation back then, all those were my escape from harsh realities of my life. Also tabletop RPGs helped me get through the days.

Thank you Jamuraa for providing me with a shelter in my desperate times.

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