When Apple invites…

When journalism calls, you are more than pleased to be invited over to any event that is loosely tech related. Of course it is best when it is on company’s money. A lot marketing budget is spent the journalists either the company fails to do it by their products or to show some hospitality and get to know them better.

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Why should we run away from Google?

O, Mighty Google! Spare us from your maw of madness which feeds fear into our souls, spare our punishment through your ever-humming internet machine, let our digital deaths be swift and clean! Let us forget and be forgotten.

…pleaded the damned soul. Prayer went unheard. Echoed in the halls of electric void, faded away unnoticed. The Machine From Man God went on humming, grinding; spreading the incurable disease, feeding on our unchanging perception of conformity. Until the last soul was fed through the maw into insignificance of a great heap of unintelligible flow of data-time continuum.

Can this story be rewritten? We might give a try by deGoogling ourselves and freeing other minds after that.

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Medical checks and latest updates

I have not got many health issues but diabetes and related stuff are the ones which affect my life the most. At least through the last year of my life. I’ve been visiting hospitals (mainly İstanbul Okmeydanı Training and Research Hospital) for medical checks regarding issues related to an infectious wound in my right foot which was grown beyond a simple one because of diabetes.

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Hey there,

I’ve renewed my website so that I can write stuff in a more organised way whenever I want. It took like a few hours, mostly on deciding what theme to pick and arranging the SSL certificate. Now I am with this non-fancy theme but I am open to suggestions. I liked the one at now-defunct teknoloki.com but that’s a quite old theme and does not support smaller screens. Well, that’s right I desire to use a simple theme on this site.

Anything that I wish to tell about would probably appear on these pages. I’ve written an “about me” page that also includes some contact information.

Please feel free to check back soon to see more stuff. Meanwhile, I’d love hear some feedback in general.

Thanks a lot, I’ll be back with more.